Antitrust DVD review

AntitrustYeah here’s another movie review, I really like movies lol. This time it’s about Antitrust, a movie which I found on a motivational movies list over at Bob Buskirk’s blog.

Antitrust is the third movie in the Hackers movie series, it’s sometimes referred to as Hackers 3. This movie mainly revolves around Milo Hoffman, a young but brilliant software programmer. Together with some friends he’s running a startup but one day he and his friend Teddy get an offer from NURV’s boss Gary Winston.

NURV is a multi-billion dollar firm, kinda like Microsoft, that is working on a new global media delivery system called Synapse. Gary has recently announced a launch date to the press but realises that his company won’t be able to meet this date without some additional help. And Gary is willing to go pretty far to ensure that Synapse will meet its projected launch data.

Antitrust - Gary Winston CEO of NURVMilo’s friend Teddy refuses to work for this huge corporation but Milo gladly accepts the offer.

At first everything seems alright but soon Milo starts to feel that something is wrong and when his best friend Teddy gets brutally murdered he starts to unravel the terrible truth behind NURV.

This film is based a bit on Microsoft and IMO Gary Winston has characteristics of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I enjoyed watching this film and give it a 7.5/10. The computer scenes in this movie aren’t too bad either, it’s still pretty simplified but at least not as dumb and unrealistic as in other movies like Live Free or Die Hard.

The DVD of this movie also features a bunch of extras including a Making Of documentary, a music video and quite a lot of deleted scenes and an alternative opening and ending sequence. These deleted scenes add some more depth to the movie and the R2 DVD version also includes a rather rough sex scene. Unfortunately the audio and video quality of these deleted scenes isn’t really DVD quality, they could use a bit more cleanup.

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