Another busy week

cebit.jpgThis week is going to be really busy as I’ll get flooded by tons of news from CeBIT – this is a European tech show in Hannover, Germany. Most major computer and tech firms will present all their latest products at CeBIT, just like at CES in Las Vegas two months ago.

Hannover isn’t really close to where I live so I can’t bring my own coverage from the show but I hope I’ll get my driver license soon so I can go check it out next year. Posting volume on DV Hardware will go up this week as I’ll try to post as much as possible about all new products and if I find some free time I’m also going to finish a couple of reviews that should have already been published a couple of weeks ago..

Within two weeks there’s also an interesting conference for SMBs in Brussels called Ondernemen 2008. Normally I wouln’t be interested in this but I received an e-mail from Google last week that they’re going to do some AdWords workshops at this conference.

It’s called Google University and there’s a beginner and advanced class. The beginner workshop focuses on the latest trends in online marketing, how to setup an AdWords campaign and how to optimize your campaign. The advanced workshop will offer tips on how to maximize your ROI, best practices to improve your reach on the Google network and tracking and analysis. People who attend the workshop will receive a AdWords cheque of 50EUR and a toolkit with AdWords tips.

Initially I was planning to go as it may help me to get some affiliate campaigns started on AdWords but then I discovered that Google has published the presentations online. You can check out the beginner and advanced presentations at Google’s website.

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