28 Weeks Later review

28 weeks later
Five years ago a British movie called 28 Days Later was released in theaters, this film was a post-apocalyptic horror film which was set in Great Britain. In 28 Days Later viewers saw how a virus infected most of Great Britain’s population an turned them into violent zombies.

28 Weeks Later is set 28 weeks after the events in its predecessor. Britain was quarantined, completely destroyed by the virus, the infected died of starvation and now an American-led NATO force has entered London to restore order and to initiate the reconstruction.

Unfortunately not everything goes as planned.. The virus is back and everything goes way beyond control again.

This sequel isn’t as good as the first movie but it comes pretty close, I give it a 7.5/10.

By the way, I’ve read that there are plans to turn these movies into a trilogy. The third movie would supposedly be called 28 Months Later.

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