Month: October 2008

  • The euro bubble is bursting

    When I wake up and start working one of the first things I do is read some sites, forums and blogs to get up to date. One of the many things I check a couple of times a day is the EUR/USD currency exchange rate to see where it’s heading. Over the last couple of […]

  • Favorite Belgian stocks of 2008 – how did they do?

    Ten months ago financial newspaper De Tijd published a list of the favorite Belgian stocks for 2008. The journalists contacted sixteen analysts and compiled a top ten list. The year is far from over but lets have some fun and see how bad (or well?) these ten stocks did since the start of the year (excl. […]

  • Just in: 32GB USB drive from Kingston

    UPS stopped by a couple of hours ago to deliver another package. In it was a new 32GB USB drive from Kingston – a review of this device will follow within a couple of days at DV Hardware. It’s pretty amazing how big these drives have become. I got my first USB drive five years […]

  • Rough times ahead for online advertising?

    CNET published an article about the state of online advertising with opinions from a couple of analysts. Cowen analysts Jim Friedland and Kevin Kopelman lowered their estimates on several firms such as Google, Yahoo and Amazon because of the worsening economic climate. The two analysts expect search-advertising spending will be flat, and that graphical display ads […]

  • Credit crunch to be the death of Web 2.0?

    The death of Web 2.0 has been predicted several times over the past couple of months and even years. Currently, it’s still alive and kicking but the current economic climate could have a severe impact on the industry. Cash and credit are becoming rarer these days and venture capitalists are focusing more on efficiency. Here’s […]