Month: October 2008

  • The best investments of the past 52 weeks

    While browsing and reading a bit I found an interesting chart from The Big Picture that shows how different investments did last week and over the past 52 weeks. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the best investment you could make last week was the US dollar, this currency gained an average of 4.2%. That’s one percent more […]

  • Bear arrives in Wall Street

    Many people lost thousands of dollars in this bear market but the bear sure is a party animal. Here he is kicking the bull’s ass in Wall Street:

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cancelled?

    Rumour has it that Fox is going to terminate The Sarah Connor Chronicles because of high costs and lack of viewers. First Firefly and now this great show is getting the axe? What a shame. If the rumor is true I hope they’ll at least air the rest of the second season.

  • Start of the fourth quarter

    The year 2008 is slowly coming to an end, just three more months to go! The fourth quarter is usually the best in terms of ad dollars for most sites and I hope revenue will start picking up soon. Earlier today I’ve compiled the numbers of the revenue my business generated in September and it’s not […]