Month: August 2008

  • Canon zoom lens finally arrived

    It took ages but my Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS lens finally arrived today. This complements the 18-55mm IS lens I bought together with my Canon EOS 450D a couple of months ago.  I’ll post a couple of sample pics this weekend.

  • NVIDIA’s bull is back

    I bought my first NVIDIA shares about a half year ago and one of the things I learned during that time is that this is a very volatile stock. Out of all the stocks I own or have owned NVIDIA makes the biggest jumps and dumps. In March-April the stock traded in the $18-$20 range,…

  • Sharp rise for the U.S. dollar

    After months of decline the US dollar finally took a very sharp turn this month and gained a lot of ground on the euro. In less than a month the USD appreciated from $1.59 per euro to $1.47 per euro. Not only the dollar took a 180-degree but prices of oil, gold and other commodities…

  • Online advertising in Belgium not growing

    A report about the advertising market in Belgium was released this week by CIM Media. The report took a look at the advertising spending of Belgian companies in January to May and found they were 2.1 percent higher than the year before. One of the things I find surprising is that the marketshare of online…

  • The joys of online translation services

    A Chinese restaurant used an online translation service to translate their name into English. Here’s what they got: