Month: May 2008

  • Yahoo Finance goes real-time

    I just noticed that Yahoo Finance now offers real-time stock quotes. AFAIK they are now one of the only sites that give their visitors access to free real-time stock quotes, sites like Google Finance all work with a 15-minute delay and that can sometimes be an eternity as things can move really fast. Real-time data shown…

  • Oceade = lots of fun

    Two days ago Thomas (yeah he has the same name as me) and I made a trip to Oceade, a tropical waterpark in Brussels. Pizza Hut First we went to one of the Pizza Hut restaurants in Brussels for their Pizza Buffet. Everyday between 12 PM and 2 PM you can eat as many pizzas as…

  • Steve Ballmer vs college kid – 3-0

    Hungarian college kid with a white “Microsoft = Corruption” t-shirt tries to give Steve Ballmer the egg-treatment, but fails miserably:

  • These guys thought of everything

    Last week when I bought a new boardshort from DC Shoes I was pretty suprised to find a hard object in the right pocket of my short. Turns out the boardshort features an integrated wax comb bottle opener! Pretty cool. Also, congratulations Carmen! My girlfriend finished the Start-2-run 10 kilometer training scheme on Friday

  • Just got back from the beach

    Carmen and I made a trip to the beach today, we went to Oostende. The weather has been really good in Flanders this week, with temperatures of up to 25°C, and today was no exception. It was really warm but there was a nice cool sea breeze so things didn’t get too hot. Lots of…