Stock markets up bigtime today

It was a pretty interesting day on the stock market. The Fed pumped $200 billion into the market to boost liquidity in the financial system and this fueled a massive gain in the stock markets. The Dow Jones gained 416.66 points today, a 3.55% increase! That’s the biggest gain since the US invaded Iraq five years ago and its fourth biggest point jump ever according to MarketWatch.

Nasdaq did even better today with a 3.98% recovery. Most tech firms are up bigtime: INTC +5.37%, NVDA +3.31%, AMD +5.19%, MSFT +4.39%, GOOG +6.34%, AAPL +6.40%, CSCO +4.84%, …

I wonder if the rally will continue this week. Chances are things are going to get a lot worse on the stock market before they get better because there’s still a lot of bad news coming.

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