Rammstein concert in Antwerp (December 10, 2009)

After months of waiting German “tanzmetall” band Rammstein finally performed in Antwerp as part of their Liebe ist für alle da tour. Tickets for the concert in the Sportpaleis were sold out nearly instantaneously, the ticket sales system was flooded with orders and I wasn’t able to order them myself. Fortunately, I found someone with four spare tickets and he gave them to me without charging an exorbitant premium.

The first time I saw Rammstein was at Rock Werchter a couple of years ago and I really looked forward to seeing them again as their performance at Werchter was stunning. About an hour before Rammstein came on stage Combichrist kicked off the evening as the support act, I had never heard of this aggrotech band before and I didn’t really like them.

Rammstein on the other hand was amazing, they made a spectacular intro and Rammlied was the beginning of about 1.5 hours filled to the brim with all kinds of pyrotechnics. The band is well known for the use of flame throwers and other special effects during their songs, some of the highlights of the concert include Till spraying the audience with foam from his “Fleischgewehr” cannon (Pussy), Flake rowing through the audience in his inflatable boat (Haifisch), setting a stunt man on fire (Benzin), Till with flame-throwing angel wings (Engel), and Flake being forced into a bath to receive a fire shower from Till (Ich tu dir weh).

The concert was perhaps a bit too short but we had a blast, the music was great, the lightshow was amazing and the special effects were stunning. Below are a couple of video clips to give you an idea of what a Rammstein concert is all about. These clips are from the Rammstein concert in Paris earlier this week, the show is not exactly the same as the one in Antwerp but the image and sound quality of these clips is much better than the ones I found from Thursday’s concert.

Here’s the start of their show with Rammleid:

Richard, Paul and Till shooting flames into the air during Feuer Frei!

Flake receiving a flame bath in Ich tu dir weh (Till didn’t have an elevator in Antwerp though).

While playing Benzin a “fan” climbs onto the stage and is turned into a human torch:

Pussy’s foam cannon:

Flake with his boat during Haifisch:

The last song was Engel, with lots of fire coming from Till’s fire-throwing wings:

Special thanks go to SmurfGrognon, who uploaded all these high quality clips to YouTube.

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