OCZ PC2-6400 FlexXLC CL3 – DVH Product Inbox

A new toy to play with arrived this morning: the OCZ FlexXLC Edition 800MHz DDR2 memory kit which is guaranteed to run at 3-4-4-15 timings.

This latest edition to the highly-awarded OCZ Flex XLC product family is engineered to produce significant performance gains on the latest NVIDIA nForce SLI platforms by implementing Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) and allowing the memory to operate at a stable 800MHz at CL3 upon start up. The PC2-6400 CL 3 Flex modules are integrated with an EPP programmed SPD to immediately boot at the correct settings to produce 3-4-4 timings on nForce 680i motherboards. This feature provides a true “Plug and Play” overclocking feature that eliminates the need for manual configuration and makes memory optimizations a household item for the complete range of consumers looking to maximize system performance through overclocking.

All Flex modules feature the new OCZ FlexXLC (Xtreme Liquid Convention) heatsink that delivers superior heat dissipation via a hybrid copper and aluminum design alterable between passive air or water cooling.


The review of this memory kit will probably be ready within 2 weeks.

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