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New reviews at DV Hardware
Two days ago I finally finished the review of the Spire Edge, a laptop sleeve designed for thin notebooks like Apple’s MacBook Pro. It’s a  nice sleeve, but unfortunately it’s too tiny for my Dell notebook.

Among other things, I also published the first two book reviews at DV Hardware this month. I first thought about publishing the book reviews on my blog as book reviews don’t really fit in on a tech site like DV Hardware, but as I was writing the review got longer than I initially expected and I decided to do it anyway. Over at DV Hardware these reviews will get more traffic, and more traffic equals more money of course .

A short review of Dune was published last week and yesterday I added a review of Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The first season of the Showtime hit Dexter is based on this book. It’s a good read, but unfortunately the book is not as good as the series.

Upcoming content on DV Hardware
As the year is coming to an end and I look back at the past 11.5 months I have to admit 2008 wasn’t really a productive year. My goal for the next couple of months is to publish a lot more reviews as there were far too few of these this year. It would be great if I could recruit some hardware enthusiasts to write reviews for DV Hardware, but I think it’s rather hard to find skilled, trustworthy reviewers.

Anyway, next week you can expect a review of the Razer Lachesis and I’m also considering to do some more reviews of consumer electronics products. For example, in early January you can expect a review of a new GPS navigation system from Blaupunkt that overlays navigational info on real-time video.

Google AdSense gets Analytics integration
Ever since Google bought the Urchin web stats service in 2005 people have been inquiring Google to integrate this service with AdSense so webmasters can get more details about what’s making them money. After years of waiting, Google finally announced the integration of Google Analytics with AdSense in October.

They’ve gradually been rolling it out and a couple of days ago I finally received an invitation. I haven’t really scrutinized the data yet as Google Analytics hasn’t grabbed enough data yet, currently it has only two half days of my AdSense data, but it looks quite interesting.


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