John Chow dot Com site review

John Chow’s blogOne of the blogs I visit daily is the one from John Chow. I’m not sure when I found his blog, if I remember it correctly it was in 2006 on the DigitalPoint Forums and I believe I also found it a few times through Digg.

Just like me John Chow runs a hardware review website, he’s the owner of a pretty well known site called The Tech Zone. In a couple of months he managed to turn his personal blog into one of the most popular blogs on the Internet. I was really amazed to see how fast his blog took of, he’s currently ranked 53rd on Technorati, has a traffic rank of 2,497 at Alexa and has more than 6,000 RSS subscribers.

He’s a really clever marketer. He managed to get his blog several times on some of the most popular sites on the Internet, appeared several times in offline media and created a huge fanbase around him. He posts about lots of things on his blog: tips to make money online, ReviewMe reviews, investing, what he eats, cars, how much money his blog makes, cool technology, TTZ and lots of other things

A bit more than a half year ago he also came up with a pretty clever linkbait scheme: if you review his blog, he will link back to you and send some traffic your way. These “Make Money Reviews” have become a big success for him, so far more than 900 bloggers have already written a review about John Chow dot Com.

Besides John Chow’s blog I also frequently visit blogs from other tech site owners like: Bob Buskirk, Shawn Knight, Juan Francisco Diez, Stephen Fung and Niko Lupala.

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