Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig

Three weeks ago I discovered that there’s another quite interesting gaming/computer show in Germany this week called Games Convention. With more than 180,000 visitors GC in Leipzig is one of the biggest gaming events of the year, only rivalled by the Tokyo Game Show.

At GC2007 most game developers will show off their new games and lots of big computer brands like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft, OCZ and lots of others are showing off their latest products. 


Even though I’m the owner of a tech site for more than five years already I’ve never visited any of these big shows yet. There are lots of them (CeBIT, CES, Computex, E3, GC, Macworld, 3GSM …) but most of these shows are pretty far and very expensive.

Next year I’m planning to go to at least one show, probably CeBIT for 2-3 days.


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