Fisher Price toys help kids lose weight behind TV

Fisher Price Smart CycleWhile reading the newspaper today I found a pretty nice new toy from Fisher Price called the Smart Cycle. It looks like this toy maker learned a thing or two from Nintendo Wii Sports as this new product allows kids to lose weight behind their TV .

The Smart Cycle is a stationary bike designed for kids between 3 to 6 years old. It not only helps to fight obesity but it also helps your kid to learn, they will have to solve puzzles and riddles to advance in the game. The toy needs to be plugged into your TV and features three different play modes: Drive, Learn and Race.

Fisher Price claims kids will learn the following things by using the Smart Cycle:

  • upper & lowercase letters
  • numbers & counting
  • spelling
  • problem-solving
  • shapes
  • matching
  • creativity
  • spatial reasoning
  • motor skills & lots more!
  • The Fisher Price Smart Cycle will be available by the end of this month for $99.

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