FeedBurner PRO features now free – Thanks to Google

FeedBurner logoNow that FeedBurner has been acquired by Google they have to worry less about the financial side of their business. Google has a habit of making lots of things available for free to Internet users and that’s exactly the route they are taking with FeedBurner.

In the past you had to pay a couple of dollars per month to use FeedBurner’s PRO features but when I logged into my FeedBurner account today to check some statistics of DV Hardware I noticed Google has made all the premium features available for free.

This includes FeedBurner Stats Pro and MyBrand.

FeedBurner Stats Pro
This feature allows you to see which individual content items people view or click in your RSS feed. This feature can be turned on in the Analyze tab in the FeedBurner Stats PRO section.

This feature allows you to use your own domainname for the FeedBurner feed. Rather than something like feeds.feedburner.com/MyFeedName, this feature allows you to use something like thomasdemaesschalck.com/myfeed. This feature can be turned on in the “My Account” section of FeedBurner. This feature is more for advanced users as you need to play around a bit with the DNS entries of your domain name in order to activate MyBrand.

It’s also required that you send an e-mail to FeedBurner first as they need to make some changes on their end and provide you with details on how you need to set up the MyBrand feature. I guess it may take a while before they’ll get back to you as they will probably be overwhelmed by requests right now.

FeedBurner says that previous PRO customers will not be charged for the month of June 2007 and beyond. Thanks Google for once again making a bunch of great features available for free

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