DV Hardware hacked 🙁

When I woke up this morning and checked my sites everything was still alright but when I wanted to start updating DV Hardware I noticed that my site didn’t work anymore. All I got when I surfed to www.dvhardware.net was a blank directory index.

 Two things crossed my mind: either this was a temporary glitch or someone had succesfully hacked DV Hardware. After playing around a bit with PuTTY and scanning through the log files I found out that the site was indeed hacked. According to the IP address the hacker is from Romania. It’s possible that he used a proxy to hide his real identity but I’m almost certain that he is really from Romania as some of the stuff he used to break in is in Romanian.

 I hope everything will be back up and running within an hour. I have a pretty good idea of how he hacked the site so once everything is back online I’m going to patch the hole asap.

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  1. Was the hacker Turkish? No offense to the rest of the Turkish Population, but what’s with these idiots with nothing better to do?

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