Dell 2407WFP-HC screwed

As a hardware reviewer I often receive packages from companies. During the past couple of years I’ve already reviewed about 100 products and mostly these products arrived in perfect shape.

Theo Valich from The Inquirer wasn’t as fortunate when he recently ordered a Dell 2407WFP-HC LCD display. Here’s what happened to his 24″ LCD display.

Dell 2407WFP-HC

Not sure who’s to blame for this. It could be sloppy quality control from Dell or perhaps the package was severely abused during shipping. Theo says he contacted Dell and that he will soon receive a new display:

Sadly, monitor was DOA, and yours truly had the honour of gaining the experience of going through Dell Customer Service/Technical Support. At the moment of writing the story, we’ve survived 54 minutes of talking with Dell Customer Service. The problem was resolved with a new monitor dispatched, 54 minutes into our chat with Technical Service.

Our advice would be that Customer/Technical Service should be more in touch with accounts on, since yours truly did not felt comfortable at disclosing both our shipping and billing address, going through continuous claims that telephone number given was not correct. Buying history and shipping address should be enough, especially given the fact that you might send the monitor to someone as a gift, and if that person would have to go through this, the experience of receiving present such as that would be ruined.


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  1. I have 5 pc’s in my house. 4 of them are Dell units. All have come by either UPS or DHL. No damage…ever, including one return as I ordered the wrong unit and one ocassion where a parcel carrier had to attempt redelivery 3 times due to me being away on business.

    Things sometimes get damaged. However it looks like the guy here got his unit replaced. Dell seriously overpacks boxes. I’d be surprised if this damage happened by DHL. It may well have happened in the warehouse prior to shipment.

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