Darco is growing up pretty fast

It’s been a while since I last posted something about our new dog. Darco is now about five months old and he’s getting bigger every day. Here are two pictures from three months ago:

And here are two pictures I just took, the pics look a bit washed out but that’s because I shot them from behind a window.



Darco is still kinda dominant but he’s a lot smarter than our last dog. It took years until Toby figured out how to open a door but Darco learned it pretty quick so now we always have to lock our doors. We still need to learn him a couple of things like that opening doors without our permission is not allowed and that jumping on people isn’t OK. Another thing we need to learn him is that he should act a bit less aggressive, he’s probably just trying to play but some people like the mailman are really afraid of him.

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