Argh. I need a better work schedule

SleepingOne of the advantages of being your own boss is that you can do whatever you want. Don’t want to work today? That’s alright. You can go out, do some sports, watch some movies, play some games are do other fun things without having to worry about losing your job. When you run your own online business like me that’s all possible, it may hurt your income a bit but you can make up for it by working a bit harder the next day.

One of the other advantages is that you don’t need to wake up early in the morning at 6 am or 7 am because most of the time 9 am, 10 am or even 16 pm will be just fine. The only problem is that over time this will become a bad habit.

This year I’m getting up a bit earlier than last year but my work schedule still isn’t great. Today a package from Cooler Master was scheduled to arrive but I missed it because I woke up a bit too late. Actually a did wake up pretty early today, I guess around 7 am because I hear a lot of noise. A quite heavy storm was passing over my neighbourhood and the wind was blowing really hard but once I had closed my window I fell asleep again until about 11 am. Fortunately the storm didn’t cause a lot of damage in my street, but a bit further the storm had ripped out a couple of trees and I also heard the electricity went out for about half an hour.

So basically I wasn’t able to receive the package today because of my bad schedule, the FedEx guy will have to return tomorrow to deliver it. Small incidents like this one remind me that I should stay up a bit less late and wake up a bit earlier, but that’s easier said than done hehe


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  1. 😮 A wonder happens :thumb: It’s not so difficult, you can go sleep around 0.00 and wake up around 8.00 during the week. In the weekends you can sleep untill 10.00, just like me 🙂

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