A peek inside Intel’s press sample cabinet

While browsing around a bit on Intel’s blogs to find out if there were any new juicy bits of information I found an funny post by Daniel Snyder, Intel’s press sample guy. He provides a very brief peek into his press sample cabinet and shows a couple of interesting things. First up is a photo of the new fast Intel X-25M SSDs but there’s also a photo of an ancient relic: a 10MB PCMCIA flash card next to some Intel bunny suit dolls. Snyder says that many years ago, the 10MB solid state disk was one of the most popular items in his sample cabinet. I’m not exactly sure how old this card is but I estimate it’s around 15 years old.

Intel 10MB flash card

Snyder also recalls that HardOCP reviewer Steve once told him his iguana ate his Pentium 4 Northwood 2.40B review sample, and he even had the X-rays to prove it!

Iguana ate processor


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