Month: June 2009

  • Daily economics – inflation and more

    The last couple of days have been pretty hot and it’s about to get even hotter, so far this summer is lining up to be pretty good. Here’s another edition of daily economics with an overview of some interesting articles and videos I spotted today (or in the last couple of days). InflationUS presents Hyperinflation […]

  • The bubbles of Goldman Sachs

    An interesting piece about Goldman Sachs appeared in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Writer Matt Taibbi claims the Wall Street giant played/plays a big role in at least five bubbles: The Great Depression, the Dot Com bubble, housing bubble, oil/commodities bubble, and the bailout (tax money funded) bubble. Taibbi believes the next bubble […]

  • Daily economics – What the Chinese think about the US dollar

    Li Lianzhong, head of the Chinese Communist Party’s policy research office, voiced his opinion today about what China should do to reduce its exposure to the greenback. The article offers some clues about what China’s strategy may be, which likely includes a larger role for gold and other hard assets instead of worthless paper. Li […]

  • Chart of the day: the Nikkei 225

    The Japanese Nikkei 225 stock index made headlines today as the index had crossed the 10,000 barrier. The Nikkei index has climbed around 45 percent since its March low and is now at its highest level in eight months. There’s little reason to celebrate though, a quick peep at the chart below reveals that even […]

  • Daily economics – some bearish views

    I haven’t been posting a lot on my blog lately, because I didn’t really know what to write about. This may change as I’m planning to post some more about economic related news, not the typical mainstream stories but the more juicy bits and fascinating contrarian views. One of the interviews I enjoyed reading today […]