Month: November 2008

  • More snowy pictures

    About five centimeters of snow fell this afternoon, a lot more than I expected. Here are a couple of pics I shot today:

  • It’s snowing!

    It’s snowing in Flanders! I can’t recall the last time we had a nice layer of snow in November, it must have been many years ago. There was some snow yesterday but unfortuntely it wasn’t really a lot and it was gone pretty quick. This afternoon is different, everything is slowly getting covered by a […]

  • PC Magazine bites the dust

    I read this morning that Ziff Davis will cease the print edition of PC Magazine to take the publication online, the January 2009 will be the last paper edition of this 27-year old computer magazine. The reason for the move to go web-only is the declining circulation and plummeting advertising. PC Magazine’s circulation dropped from […]

  • NEXT coverage published at DV Hardware

    I’ve published a four-page long special about NEXT 2008 at DV Hardware. This was the first time I did coverage of a tech show and although there are some cool things I forgot to cover it went pretty well. The first edition of NEXT received almost 20,000 visitors, and if you ask me, most of them were […]

  • CES room rates dropping due to credit crisis

    About 1.5 years ago when the credit crisis started unfolding few people outside the financial sector noticed consequences but in the last couple of months nearly every industry started to get affected by this worldwide recession. People are consuming less, major manufacturers are cutting back their production and thousands are getting fired. I just read […]