Month: April 2008

  • Ballmer uses a Mac?

    Looks like Steve Ballmer may have used a Mac to give a presentation on Business Leadership and Digital Innovation for Future Graduated at the university of Louvain in Belgium last week. I can’t say for sure whether the Mac was really used by Ballmer as I wasn’t there but some folks claim it was just […]

  • Eyes Wide Shut and 2001: Space Odyssey review

    This week I also watched two Kubrick films for the first time. First I saw Eyes Wide Shut, a movie which Stanley Kubrick finished just a couple of days before his death in 1999. This flick stars Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) and it’s all about sex and fidelity. At […]

  • Braveheart review

    I bought a DVD of Braveheart a couple of months ago but I didn’t watch it until a couple of days ago. I dusted off the DVD and watched this fine movie for the third (or perhaps fourth?) time. Braveheart tells the tale of William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish commoner who attempts to unite […]

  • Product Inbox: Super Talent 8GB drive

    Super Talent send over one of their new 8GB Pico drives. These drives are among the smallest 8GB flash drives you can buy. A full review should follow soon.

  • Which country has the lowest taxes?

    Forbes has published the latest edition of their Tax Misery Index. The list includes 66 countries and indicates France, the Netherlands and Belgium impose the harshest taxes while Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong have the lowest tax rates. The misery score is the sum of the taxes shown in the colored bars, […]