Month: March 2008

  • Misc. ramblings – March 30, 2008

    Razer Destructor review I’ve been slacking a bit this year but I finally got a new review online. The Razer Destructor is a $40 mousepad that ships in a very neat carrying case. Currently I’m working on a review of the Spire Edge laptop sleeve and a review of the OCZ Vendetta 2 is also […]

  • When do you stop working for your government?

    I just read an article over at CNN that this year’s Tax Freedom Day in the U.S. is April 23rd. Tax Freedom Day is a purely theoretical date that helps you to visualise how much the government steals from the income of an average American. It depends a lot on the state you’re living in […]

  • CNET to fire 120 employees

    I just read at Reuters that CNET is going to fire 120 workers, that’s about 10% of its staff. CNET is the owner of various popular sites like,, GameSpot, GameFAQs,, TechRepublic, ZDNet, … CNET expected pre-tax restructuring charges from the job cuts to run between $3.5 million and $4 million, most of which […]

  • Video: Exploding wind turbine

    This video was shot about a month ago in Denmark. The braking mechanism of this turbine was malfunctioning and a storm caused the blades to spin so fast that that the turbine exploded. Fortunately no one got hurt. Now I know why I don’t want a wind mill in my back yard .

  • Hoax tricks webmasters into banning search engines

    While browsing around a bit I read a pretty nasty hoax is going around in Germany that tries to trick webmasters into banning search engines from their website. The e-mail claims millions of web servers are being attacked by viruses and that you can protect yourself by creating a robots.txt with a couple of lines […]