DV Hardware was slashdotted

DV Hardware was on Slashdot and Engadget this weekend with an article about a new “supercomputer” for medical research from the University of Antwerp that uses four GeForce 9800GX2 graphics cards to do its magic. What makes this system to special is that this GPGPU powerhouse enabled these researchers to create their own low-cost supercomputer, the system costs less than 4000EUR and for the application they need (tomography) it’s in some cases faster than a three-year old supercomputer with 512 AMD Opteron 250 processors.

Since the article got published on Thursday it has received almost 35 000 pageviews, about 40% came through Slashdot, roughly 17.5% via Engadget and the other 42.5% came via a plethora of other sites or was direct traffic. Once I noticed someone had submitted the article to Slashdot I expected to see the Slashdot Effect on DV Hardware but that wasn’t really the case this time. The amount of visitors spiked but there weren’t any noticeable problems.

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