Category: DV Hardware

  • DV Hardware USB drives

    I received some custom USB drives from Promolocker this week. Here’s a picture, a full review will follow later at DV Hardware.

  • Product inbox: Blaupunkt TravelPilot 700

    An interesting new product arrived today: the Blaupunkt TravelPilot 700. This is world’s first GPS unit with camera based driver assistance, the unit has an integrated 2MP digicam and overlays the navigational info on the video feed. The review of this GPS unit will be published on DV Hardware within 2-3 weeks.

  • New reviews and other things

    New reviews at DV Hardware Two days ago I finally finished the review of the Spire Edge, a laptop sleeve designed for thin notebooks like Apple’s MacBook Pro. It’s a  nice sleeve, but unfortunately it’s too tiny for my Dell notebook. Among other things, I also published the first two book reviews at DV Hardware…

  • Start of holiday season, new review at DVH

    Black Friday in the United States kicked off the holiday season, there are worries that due to the economic crisis people are going to spend a lot less this year but Black Friday spending seems to be a success. ShopperTrak says sales were up 3 percent from last year on Black Friday and a survey…

  • NEXT coverage published at DV Hardware

    I’ve published a four-page long special about NEXT 2008 at DV Hardware. This was the first time I did coverage of a tech show and although there are some cool things I forgot to cover it went pretty well. The first edition of NEXT received almost 20,000 visitors, and if you ask me, most of them were…