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Super Talent memory module giveaway

DV Hardware teams up with Super Talent for a holiday giveaway. We’re giving away three 2GB Super Talent T800UX2GC4 memory kits. These modules run at 800MHz and have 4-4-3-8 timings. You can enter the contest at DV Hardware. The contest runs till December 19th. Good luck Right now I’m trying to clear my review queue. Last […]

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Two more pics of Darco

Here are two more photos of Darco. It’s not easy to get nice photos of him because he’s mostly moving to quick   At the moment I’m testing two notebook coolers and I’m also preparing a new memory contest that will be launched tomorrow on DV Hardware. We’re going to give away three DDR2 kits from Super Talent.

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Now and then: Processor coolers

A retro post on Niko’s blog gave me some inspiration for a retro post on my blog. Here are two pictures of processor coolers – a modern one and one from more than ten years ago.  On the left you can see my first (and only) AMD CPU together with its cooler. This chip comes from my […]

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Google to make your life harder

Just before the holiday season onrush Google decided it would be a good idea to mess around with the AdSense ad units. John Chow published a picture of what Google is planning to do: Currently visitors on your website can click the entire ad but once the changes kick in the only clickable areas will […]

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AMD Phenom keychain

I found a photo of a pretty cool keychain from AMD on a Japanese hardware site called IT Media. I don’t understand Japanese but I believe AMD is handing out some of these Phenom keychains to select journalists at the Japanese Phenom processor launch event. I want one

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